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Welcome to our splendid resort!

We are Alba and Sander, the proud new managers of Cantueso. Since our arrival in December 2022, we have taken on the challenge of transforming this once run-down business into a place brimming with potential. Through our dedicated efforts, we have made steady improvements to the cottages, gardens, and restaurant.

Our focus has been on creating a family-friendly atmosphere where we strive to anticipate the needs of every traveler. While our cottages are self-catering, we offer the convenience of an onsite restaurant, providing the best of both worlds. We take pride in catering to the various allergies and intolerances that our diners may have, all while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

As hands-on managers, we are available every day to ensure our customers have a delightful visit. We aim to address any concerns or questions promptly, both prior to booking and during their stay, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

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